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A Marvelous Little Mention

Well now, what do we have here?

Why, it's the vibrant, November issue of Mpls/St. Paul magazine. And how exciting that the cover invites readers to learn about local handmade goodies?! And here's the beginning of the feature:

And just a page or two away on page 63...

Why, there's a side panel singling out local artists who sell on Etsy!

And, wait! Did you see what you think you saw?

Indeed! There's my shop name! And a tidy little blurb about what I do. Woo Hoo! :)

Sorry for the cheesiness. I'm just excited about it. And there's even more news to come! Stay tuned...

Thanks to loosewirestudio for alerting me of this feature!
Coincidentally, my second purchase on Etsy was this lovely print from Studio Mela!


so cool! you are so famous. gawrsh. will you still be my friend when you're making cards for the stars?

congrats, girl!

(p.s. my captcha word below is "douter" which i am not one of. i beeleave in you!)

Awesome!!! Congrats Marnie!
First Minneapolis then the WORLD!
I always knew you were a star :)

That's so awesome Marnie! I'm so happy to see your business name everywhere :) I'll keep my eyes out in the British press...

Congrats! :) Your booths looked amazing too. Good presentation for the markets.